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What Are Cookies & Do I Have To Accept Them? - Wonderful Websites
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What Are Cookies & Do I Have To Accept Them?

What Are Cookies & Do I Have To Accept Them?

Who else gets hungry when they see that annoying message when asked if you want to accept or reject cookies? What does that message even mean?

Cookies are small text files (not sure why they can’t be called something non-food related) which are sent from the website you are visiting to your browser. Your browser then processes and stores this file. This information about your visit to the site is then remembered and sent back to the website from your device the next time you visit.

As annoying as these may be, these pop ups are what give you control over what data you share about yourself. You may opt out of accepting cookies at any website. Note however that some sites will not grant you access to their site unless you accept cookies.

Some cookies can be helpful because they can help improve your experience, such as remembering what you saved in your shopping basket, even if you left the website. They can also make logging in quicker by saving your credentials.

In Conclusion:

It’s okay to accept some cookies if you trust the website. BUT ALWAYS check for a padlock symbol, displayed next to the URL address on your browser. This indicates that the site is secure, meaning your data is protected.

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