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Website Design – Step by Step - Wonderful Websites
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Website Design – Step by Step

Website Design – Step by Step

Step One.

The first step is realising that a website is an investment rather than an expense. Seriously, a wonderful website can help you build your business. Yes, it might be tough outlaying money especially if you are a start up with a limited budget. But try to think of your website as a shop front where customers can see who you are and what you offer.


Step Two.

Once you have made the decision, you then need to look for web designer. Having a good relationship with your designer is so important as to some extent they ultimately become part of your business. It can be very over whelming especially if technology is not your friend. It is good business practice to get a couple of quotes, and word of mouth referrals are always important.


Step Three.

Here is where we get into the fun part. Start thinking about what you want on your site including pages, copy, functionality and visual elements. The framework for the site will be decided on at this point as well as setting up hosting, domain, security and a coming soon page.


Step Four.

This is the build. Our process is to build the site behind the coming soon page. You are given access to the draft site and encouraged to comment along the way. We believe a website is entirely yours, and we are just helping you get what you want.


Step Five.

Get, set, launch… and let the wonderfulness begin.

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