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That’s a pretty dark image, isn’t it? Unfortunately it reflects how I am feeling at the moment.

Stage 3 restrictions are in place and staying home is now enforceable. My excuse for laying low and watching Netflix is totally reasonable. However now that I have binge watched the latest season of Ozark (disclaimer – it is very gruesome, so don’t watch on my recommendation if you are not into deep dark television), I don’t want to be in isolation any more.

Yesterday was my son Tom’s 16th birthday. What a non-event that turned out to be. I did try though! We organised to do a surprise drive by of a few of his mates houses. When they heard the toot, they then ran outside to their front yard to wish Tom a happy birthday…all within the safe cocoon of our car.

So not only was Tom’s birthday depressing, so was my walk to get bread yesterday morning. The photos will help explain why I feel so sad…the local park is now out of bounds. I also witnessed two men who were clearly (newly) homeless and another man given them a hot cross bun each as he walked past. This bought a tear to my eye.

Am only hoping that in all this doom and gloom we can at least try to keep smiling – or random gifts on the door step are amazing too!

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