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Tips For Effective Newsletter Marketing - Wonderful Websites
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Tips For Effective Newsletter Marketing

Tips For Effective Newsletter Marketing

Newsletter Marketing is a great tool but there are a few things to consider.


How often should you send a newsletter to your mailing list? It really depends on the nature of what you have to say. Is it valuable and important to the reader? Or is it just to give an update? We all get inundated with emails, so you need to conscious of not losing subscribers by cluttering up their inbox. But on the flip side, don’t be a stranger now.


Keep the content relevant and to the point. If you have a lot to say, consider putting in a few sentences and then a ‘Read More’ option that then links to your website or social media post. Just like a one sided conversation, no one likes dribble. Remember that everyone is time poor, so pack with a punch and make sure your key points are delivered effectively.


Even though newsletters should be based don’t forget to be visual. Break up text with images, but make sure they are relevant to the topic. Most EDM platforms have templates available. Unless you are savvy at creating graphics, I would highly recommend using their templates for helping make your newsletters look professional.


Most email marketing platforms have amazing reports. Mailchimp for example allows you to see where your audience is located, who has opened your email and which links have been clicked (and by who).


Your existing audience is your priority. What would they be interested in? Retaining them is the most important, but also look at ways are increasing your subscriptions. You might like to offer a free ebook to new subscribers, or tempt them with a discount voucher if that is possible.

That all being said, I better head off and generate a newsletter myself.

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