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This Is Getting Serious

This Is Getting Serious

Each day brings new rules and guidelines. The one thing that I thought wouldn’t change is the opportunity to exercise. Last night it was announced that tennis courts and club rooms are now also subject to closure.

I totally understand shutting down gyms and swimming pools but am not sure how closing tennis courts will help with flattening the curve. Surely a hit of tennis between family members (who even sleep in the same bed) should still be allowed?

When listening to our Prime Minister Scott Morrison at his public address on March 24 there was one part that really resonated with me:

“This country is not dealing with one crisis. We’re dealing with two crises. We’re dealing with a health crisis that has caused an economic crisis. And I’m very concerned about the economic crisis that could also take a great toll on people’s lives, not just their livelihoods, the stresses that that will put on families, the things that can happen when families are under stress. I’m as concerned about those outcomes as I am about the health outcomes of managing the outbreak of the coronavirus. And it is a delicate task for the national cabinet to balance those two. Lives are at risk in both cases.”

By not allowing people to exercise could have a massive impact on our emotional state and I do hope that we can still continue to at least use our beaches, parks and ovals. Please don’t take those away from us to.

I do understand the importance of social distancing. But let’s hope there is a balance between public safety and common sense. We all have a part to play, but please let us play at the same time.

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