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School’s Out

School’s Out

Today is Monday and the start of a new week. This is officially week 9 of Term 1 for my children. The school announced that they would be finishing last Friday. Today is the day where the teachers learn how to teach our children remotely and then plunge head first into it tomorrow.

My two boys (year 10 and year 7) will be fine. They are sponges and can absorb anything that is presented to them – in any form – digital, face to face, audio, visual etc.

My daughter, however is more of an interactive learner. She likes to continually ask questions in class, and discuss things with her class mates. She is stimulated by having others around her. I wouldn’t be worried about moving to remote learning so much if she wasn’t in Year 12.

She is staying so upbeat during all of this. One of her subjects is Media and she is thinking of all of the content that she is able to use through out the whole COVID-19 journey.

I had today set aside to get my head around how the whole remote learning will work. We were sent an email at 3pm on Friday with some details and links to our portal where a new section has been miraculously created for parents, teachers and students (hats off to everyone for their quick response btw).

However, now I am uncertain whether we are moving forward with this, as the Victorian government has just announced that all Victorian schools will be closed from Tuesday. That is tomorrow. When we were supposed to start. Am waiting to hear from school on whether we still start our remote learning tomorrow. But think we are looking more long term than just week 9, so definitely need to learn all about how to help my kids moving forward.

Parenting is tough at the best of times, and some new challenges are arising quicker than I have time to get my own head around them. Our parenting status at the moment, is to be positive, motivate, have a routine, look for opportunities and stay well. The same should go for everyone. x

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