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Hitting Home

Hitting Home

These first few blog posts are going to be pretty condensed. I didn’t realise how quickly things would escalate, so I will try to compact details as much as I can recall.

It was only less than a week ago that life seemed pretty normal. There were 3 deaths from COVID-19 in Australia, and around 20 confirmed cases.

One week later, and here is an email that I am sending to my son’s school as he has a headache…

“Jack will not be coming to school today as he is unwell. He has not been tested for COVID-19 and am confident that it is not the virus. Jack has not been exposed to anyone who has travelled overseas or anyone with Corona virus.”

I mean, bloody hell, I feel like I am making excuses. Even my husband was telling our other son that maybe he shouldn’t go to school as he had a runny nose. Things have gone crazy where it is the parent telling the 15 year kid to stay home from school. Certainly not like Ferris Beuller’s day off where he had to pull the wool over his parents eyes to take a ‘sickie’.

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