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Eye Roll Fatigue

Eye Roll Fatigue

Here we go again (cue eye roll)… Victorian Lockdown 5.0 started at midnight last night with an initial period of five days. They call it a circuit breaker, but I like to think of it as just a breaker. A breaker of people.  A breaker of businesses. And a breaker of spirits.

Actually, what I have found is that people are being really nice. The campaign of ‘We Are All In This Together’ really is right. I have had my two Pfizer vaccinations, so am hoping that helps in some small way.

The premier has indicated that this lockdown is the same as last time, so if you could work back then, then the same for this time. The problem is that each lockdown is starting to blur, and it is hard to recall what happened when. So am going to start doing some dot points with dates for record keeping purposes.

  • Lockdown 5.0 for Victoria started at 11.59pm on 15th July 2021 and was Victoria wide.
  • Five reasons to leave home (which now includes getting vaccinated).
  • Testing clinics in Geelong are currently taking around 5 hours to get tested and then results back within 24 hours.
  • Delta strain of the virus was spread from Removalists coming in from NSW (red zone) and delivering furniture to an apartment block. Some from that block who was asymtomatic but positive then went to the MCG with a man from Barwon Heads. That man contracted Covid and it spread to his 9 year old child who attended Barwon Heads primary school. This is as close to Covid as I have been in the whole pandemic.
  • There are 10 cases in the last 24 hours.
  • Lockdown 6.0 for Victoria was lifted for Regional Victoria on Tuesday 10th August (no one predicted that announcement which was made on Monday 9th August).
  • Regional Victoria went back into Lockdown (calling it Lockdown 6.0b??) on Saturday 21st August. Dan Andrews made the announcement at 10:45am on the Saturday for a 1pm lockdown. Hey Dan…appears we are NOT all in this together. What about small business (with perishable foods) and those who were planning to get married that afternoon? 2 hours is not enough time.
  • It is the 29th August today and Victoria has recorded 92 cases. The number has been steadily increasing, and major outbreaks in Shepparton and now a few in Geelong. NSW has 1218 daily cases, with around 2-3 deaths daily.
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