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Change Is Good

Change Is Good

Finally, a little light shines through. After having 6 weeks of Level 3 restrictions Victoria finally has some changes…this time for the better. The Victorian Government refers to it as ‘Gradual Easing of Restrictions’. Prior to 11th May when Victoria was in a state of emergency, we had only 4 reasons that we could leave the house:

  • shopping for food and supplies that you need
  • care and caregiving
  • exercise and outdoor recreation
  • work and education – if you can’t do it from home

and now we have one more…

  • visiting friends and family – if you really need to

Nice little after thought on that new reason: I think we all really need to visit friends and family. I totally understand that we need to be cautious and I think we are well skilled at that now. There is a limit of 10 people for outdoor gatherings and 5 for indoor. This is amazing, and feels like we have just been told we can finally have a play date.

Even after this lovely announcement at the press statement yesterday, our state Premier declined to give more information on dates for returning to class room learning. This is even after, in the same press conference, the Victorian Chief Medical Officer stated that they believe children in school are safe. This was super frustrating, as it felt that the Premier was withholding information. And remote learning is not ideal, and not comparable to class room learning.

However, first thing this morning we got some dates! Years 11 and 12 along with Prep, Grade 1 and 2 will be returning on Tuesday May 26th and the remaining years will be returning on Tuesday June 9th. Hallelujah!!

Year 12 has been terrible to be done remotely, especially when experiencing computer issues. And while hubby is at work, and I am trying to run a small business, I have not been one of those parents who sit side by side with my kids to help them learn. I see others doing that constantly on news reports, and do wish I had that luxury, but not sure my kids would appreciate or accept it anyway.  There are so many inconsistencies with remote learning, and can’t even imagine how less privileged kids with out access to Internet or technology have been coping.

Let’s get them back, and let’s take these small steps to some sort of normal…what ever that now might be.

Stay well. xx


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