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Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness

Branding is so important – and first impressions count. Brand awareness is how people not only remember you, but also help with recall. Perhaps it is your business name that is memorable, or maybe your tagline. If not, it maybe the visual queues that are offered in a logo.

The brand needs to fit with the customer. Is your target audience professional business people? If so, then you need to make sure your branding is high end and professional. If your client base is perhaps more creative, then your logo needs to be energetic and colourful.

Talking about colours, there is a whole focus on the importance of colours for branding, and choosing the right ones. There are a lot of studies and research on the psychology of colours. Think this topic deserves it’s own blog post!

What makes a good brand? No only does it fit well with the goals of your business, it also is easily recognised. Brand awareness comes from seeing the brand and also from hints of the brand through. For example, you may have your logo on the header of your website, but it is also important to have it at the footer. Then you can also have variations or sub-sets of the logo through out the copy on your website. This might be using the same font or colour for your headings. Or if your logo has some sort of icon, this could be used for bullet points or to define an area on your site.

One thing is for certainly, you need to make sure you are happy with your branding yourself. But don’t forget to ask family and friends for their opinion. What you like is not always right. But, you do get the final say, so it ultimately is a balancing act.

Finally, don’t be afraid to rebrand. Sometimes your business objectives and focus change. Your branding needs to keep in line with those changes. Just make sure the change isn’t too drastic. You want to keep that brand awareness and recognition there for existing clients if you can.

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