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Balancing Act

Balancing Act

It has been a while since my last post, and that is because I have been busy juggling everything. Being a parent at the moment is bloody hard. So is being a business owner. And yet, I love both. It is the balancing act that I don’t love so much.

I once heard a saying that resonates very strongly with me…

I am a mother like I don’t work, and
I work like I am not a mother.

Of course I am not complaining – I am so grateful to have both.

The other balancing act that is going on at the moment is trying to keep Australia functioning whilst not letting Covid-19 take hold. It is really about trying to find the right level of restrictions whilst still operating as close to normal every day life.

Victoria is currently having clusters of cases, so from midnight last night there were several postcodes who have now gone into a 4 week shut down. There is no way of knowing which postcodes might be affected next, so we are all living with a bit of a shadow over our heads. Sometimes it is hard not to let that shadow grow into a heavy cloud. My main concern at this stage is for the children. Am hoping they can go back to school at the start of term 3 and that sport is allowed. Let’s let kids be kids.

Since I last posted, we have also had a big milestone…my eldest turned 18. I had always thought this was going to be a big moment, and whilst it was, it wasn’t at the same time. We were restricted to having only 20 people in our home, and that crowd certainly made it seem like there were 120! We were fortunate to squeeze it in, as 2 days later the number was dropped to only allowing 5 in the house at one time.

That is one thing that I am learning through 2020 is that we have to take opportunities as they arise. We never know what is going to happen one day to the next. It is all just one big balancing act.

Stay well,

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