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AU Direct Domain Names - Wonderful Websites
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AU Direct Domain Names

A wonderful change is coming. After more than 20 years, new shortened domain names are becoming available. Back in 2015 consultation took place across the globe for direct domain names – ie without the .com.


To help explain, lets look at Wonderful Websites. Our current domain anme is and because we already own this, we have priority allocation of the new au direct domain name of This change has already been implemented in other countries including New Zealand, United Kingdom, France and the USA.


You can register your interest in securing your .au direct domain name by completing the below form:

Yes please, I would like to register my interest for priority allocation for my .au direct domain(s).

Your Name(Required)
Can you please provide a quote for:

What is the process?

Complete the form to register your interest. There will then be a Pending Registration Status against your preferred domain while the Domain Register checks eligibility. If this is validated, your domain will then be registered on your behalf. The cost will comparable to what you pay for your exsiting domain name.

What costs are involved?

The .au direct domain names will cost similar to what you pay for your current domain name ( or or or .com).

You can then have the option of just holding that domain name, or you can opt for one of the following which will have additional costs*:

  1. Auto-forwarding your website to this new domain
  2. Sending anyone that goes to the .au direct domain name to the website at your existing domain.


* Quote can be provided on request.

What are the benefits of au direct domain names?

  • With websites increasingly being accessed via mobile phones, removing the .com simplifies long domain names.
  • Internationally recognised and consistent.
  • Possibility of having a micro-site for marketing or a sub-business.

When can I secure my .au domain name?

Registrations are open from 24th March 2022 and closes on 20th September 2022. After this date, anyone can apply for your .au domain name.