Wonderful Shortcuts


The following shortcuts are simply wonderful. Hope you find them useful.

General Formatting
Action Mac PC
Open File Cmd O Ctrl O
Save Page Cmd S Ctrl S
Select All Cmd A Ctrl A
Print Page Cmd P Ctrl P
Undo Cmd Z Ctrl Z
Redo Cmd Y Ctrl Y
Cut Cmd X Ctrl X
Copy Cmd C Ctrl C
Paste Cmd V Ctrl V
Adjusting Text Size
Action Mac PC
Decrease Text Size Cmd - Ctrl -
Increase Text Size Cmd + Ctrl +
Restore Default Size Cmd 0 Ctrl 0
Search Functions
Action Mac PC
Find Cmd F Ctrl F
Find Next Cmd G Ctrl G
Help F1 F1
Browser Functions
Action Mac PC
Return Home Opt Home Alt Home
Go Back Opt Left Arrow Alt Left Arrow
Go Forward Opt Right Arrow Alt Right Arrow
Go To Address Bar Cmd L Ctrl L
Refresh Page F5 F5
Bookmark Page Cmd D Ctrl D
Browser Tabs & Windows
Action Mac PC
Open new tab Cmd T Ctrl T
Close current tab Cmd W Ctrl W
Reopen closed tab Cmd Shift T Ctrl Shift T
Open new window Cmd N Ctrl N
Close current window Cmd Shift W Ctrl Shift W
Open link in new tab Cmd Click Ctrl Left Click
Move right through tabs Cmd Tab Ctrl Tab
Move left through tabs Cmd Shift Tab Ctrl Shift Tab
Move to 1st tab Cmd 1 Ctrl 1
Move to 2nd tab Cmd 2 Ctrl 2
Move to 3rd tab Cmd 3 Ctrl 3
Move to 4th tab Cmd 4 Ctrl 4
Move to 5th tab Cmd 5 Ctrl 5
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