What is Cloud Computing


Every so often, it seems there is a buzz word around technology. The one that I most frequently hear lately is Cloud Computing. Time to get your head out of the clouds and learn what it all means.

Cloud computing conceptIn general terms it can be explained as the use of a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet rather than using a local server. These network of servers are referred to as the Cloud and can store, manage, and process data.

Losely speaking, ‘Cloud Computing’ can be translated to mean ‘The Internet’. If you have a web based email account such as Hotmail or Gmail, you can officially say you are a user of Cloud Computing. These email services are run via the Internet (read Cloud) rather than having to rely on software installed on the computer. The emails are also stored on the Cloud and not directly on the computer.

Cloud Computing is becoming more and more popular and has some added benefits.

1. Reduced costs for purchasing specific software and licenses.
2. Data and files are easily accessible from any computer.
3. Access to automatic updates.
4. Easily share information.

This last point can be seen by the use of things such as Dropbox. This is a file sharing website that is in The Cloud. Users can upload files to Dropbox and share with other people. It saves having to email files, and is especially useful when these files are large.

Cloud Computing is certainly the way forward.

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