Top 5 Apps for Kids


1.       Playground HD2

More a ‘Games Cupboard’ than a ‘Playground’, this app has all the old favourites such as tic-tac-toe,  Connect-4 and Mastermind. There are also three other new games that also help with maths and strategic skills. Perfect for all ages from as young as 4 right through to adults.

2.       Animal Alphabet

My youngest son is starting school this year, and I believe learning the letters of the alphabet is one of the first steps to becoming a successful reader. Learning to write the letters and attaching the sounds is a great way to give you little ones a head start and it is all offered by Animal Alphabet.

3.       Memory and Alphabet HD

This app is similar to the Animal Alphabet, but has three game modes allowing the kids to learn to associate different images and sounds of 170 words. The memory game aims to make the process of learning to spell a fun exercise.

4.       Mable Math

Brilliant graphics on this app allow your kids to solve multiplication problems by collecting numbers as they roll and drag their marble through a series of fun mazes. This free app is sure to entertain while learning at the same time.

5.       Recycle Hero

Taking care of the environment is very important, and this adventure game teaches kids about recycling. Your child can be a hero and save the world from being polluted.

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