Three quick ways to direct traffic to your website


Looking to direct more traffic to your website? Here are some easy ways.

1. Post comments on other peoples blogs

Blogs are a common way of interacting with like minded people. By posting a comment, you are giving the readers a little more. Make sure you provide a link to your website, but only if it is relevant to the content of the post.

2. Use your current followers

Whether you have a small following or are enveloped by thousands, your social media audience is great for spreading the word. Try to use a call to action in your posts and it always helps if you ask nicely! It has been found that tweets and posts with ‘please’ having a higher response rate.

3. Add your URL everywhere

This is pretty obvious, but make sure you are always promoting your site. Add it to your signature on your emails, include it on your business cards and other correspondence such as letterheads, invoices, etc. It is also very important to include your website in your Facebook about page and your Twitter profile. You can also verbally tell people including mentioning it on your voice message.

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