Thinking Outside Of The Square


One of the best things about my business, is that I get to work with other business owners who are just as passionate. I love that I can be involved in helping promote products or services, and especially those new businesses that are about to be launched. I get great satisfaction from seeing one of my logos splashed about on billboards or vehicles or shop fronts. It really is great to be involved.

At each enquiry from prospective clients, I can hear the enthusiasm radiating from them. Sometimes it can be a new product launch like or a new idea like Each business is just as important as the next, and I endeavour to invest as much energy into each one.

Clients give a lot of trust in me to come up with products that truly represent their business. Sometimes this is hard to gauge which is why all my clients are given the chance to comment along the way. There are so many different variations out there, and sometimes it comes down to personal choice. For example, a logo can be any colour, shape, size, dimension, image, etc, so there are so many combinations. That is why we offer a few various concepts and then an opportunity to modify their preferred choice. A logo can be so important for branding, so it is vital to get it right.

The same can be said for a website. Again there are so many different options, and we also need to consider functionality and ensure it is user friendly. This can be quite a hard task, and we realise that each business is different, so our websites are all custom built. The client is always given the opportunity to comment, and changes can be made along the way.

Relationships are formed, and it is exciting to see businesses prosper. One of the best parts about Wonderful Websites is that we can be part of the journey.

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