The Disappointments Of Online Shopping


I turned 40 last week, and actually, it doesn’t feel as bad as I had thought. I clearly remember when my own parents celebrated their 40th birthday’s and thinking that they were a bunch of old people acting silly. Now that is me!

My husband and I are only a month apart and we had a joint birthday party that was fancy dress. The theme was ‘International’. I spent a good part of my childhood competing in Highland Dancing, so Scottish was the choice of costume for me.
Of course, Scotland is a long way away from Australia, so thank goodness for online shopping. I found a great site online that offered traditional costumes at a really affordable price. I went ahead and ordered my husband and I kilts, hats, ties and even bagpipes.

The excitement was building as our party approached. On the Monday before the party, I started to wonder whether our costumes would arrive. After all the UK is a long way away. Shopping on line sure can be convenient, but I perhaps should have taken into consideration the Christmas rush. It appeared that the posties were flat out to make Christmas deliveries on time, but not 12th January deliveries. I had ordered my things on 14th December, and thought I had ample time. Unfortunately our package didn’t arrive until two days after the party. I now have some brand new outfits that I will probably never get the opportunity to use!

Another massive risk that you take with shopping online is being assured you get what you ordered. There is more room for error that the wrong thing will be dispatched compared to physically picking up an object and taking it to a cash register.

Here are some important tips for online stores:
– Products need to be clearly displayed on the website with excellent search facilities
– Photos need to accurately display the product with no false advertising
– Clearly identify shipping policies, terms and conditions, refund policy and contact details
– Make sure you display contact details including a physical address, email & phone number
– Best to have categories for your product for ease of finding what you are looking for
– Great to have ‘Best Sellers’ and/or ‘Sale Items’ – everyone loves a bargain
– Ensure your checkout process is quick and painless!

In case you are concerned about our outfits for the party, don’t worry! I contacted a lovely lady at a local Scottish Dance Group and she bought around some of her families traditional costumes.

My husband and I were fully kitted out, and the party was a success – we did look like old people acting silly!

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