Quick Instructions For Shortening Your Facebook Page Link

Did you know that you can modify your Facebook business page URL. This is a great way for shortening your link if it contains numbers after your name. For example, when I first set up my Facebook business page for Wonderful Websites url was automatically set to https://www.facebook.com/pages/Wonderful-Websites/111323952262199?ref=hl. The purpose of these instructions is to show you how to shorten this url to something like https://www.facebook.com/WonderfulWebsites

Step 1.

Go go www.facebook.com/username

Step 2.

Select your page name from the drop down menu. You will then be presented with a new field for entering your desired username.

Step 3.

Once you have added your desired username, click on Check Availability. You will then be presented with a confirmation screen. Make sure you check your username and agree with all of the terms.

Step 4.

Finally you will be presented with a message to say that your change was successful. Well done!

Finally, please remember to update any links that you have to your old URL.

Good luck,
Shelley Gross

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Can I Change My Facebook Business Page Name?

Have you ever wondered if you can change the name of your Facebook business page? Perhaps you set up the page in the initial stages of your business, but your business name has now changed. If your business page has less than 100 Facebook fans, you can easily change your name.

Navigate to your business page, and select Edit Page > Update Info.

Select Edit Page

Then head to Basic Information.

Select Basic Information

If you have less than 100 fans, this field will be editable.
Change your name and click on Save Changes.

Change your name here if you have less than 100 fans

If you have more than 100 fans,
you will need to click on Request Change.

You will need to provide supporting documentation for your reasons for changing your page name. Please note that the request can take some time to be processed.

Good luck,