SEO - Penguins & Pandas


Google has a number of methods for ranking websites. Their updates to algorithms are often referred to as Penguins and Pandas’. This is one more way to complicate SEO. Search Engine Optimisation is so complex, that no one can sure of the way to reach the top of page ranking other than going for a paid campaign. If you do opt for a paid adwords campaign for certain keywords, you will be listed at the top of search results with a pink box in the background. It is important to note that this can be quite costly. However, Google does reward you by remembering this, and often moving you up the list once your paid campaign finishes.

The Panda was released in February 2011 and then just over 12 months later, Google announced the launch of the Penguin. It was predicted that this change in algorithm affected around 3% of English language sites.

There has been speculation this week that Google has again updated their algorithms. Perhaps in time they may give this one another quirky name such as Parrot or Python or Pelican. Have you noticed a difference with the rating of your site?

Has Google updated their algorithms again?

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