Google Communication - Guest Post


Back in the 90’s, Ph.D students Larry Page and Sergey Brin had the idea of creating an online world to house the physical world’s information in a way that was both useful, accessible, and free. By 1997, Google was born.

The now-billion dollar company has 70 offices in over 40 global locations. When there was a five-minute outage, global web traffic dipped by 40%. Google even has an official definition in the Oxford English Dictionary. But it isn’t just a successful company with high numbers – it’s a part of modern culture. Now more than ever before, information is accessible. Every major business is trying to figure out how to get Google to like them better – that is, how to rank number one in all major online searches.

By 2004, Gmail came along with its 10GB of free space. The concept of “unlimited storage” was revolutionary. Just nine years later, Google Voice and Google Talk came out, and now the latest – Google Hangouts. The evolution of Google is far from over. With Google+’s +Post Ads, the King of the Internet may soon become the King of advertising as well.

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