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SEO is such a buzz word, and search engine ranking is highly competitive. I often get asked by clients how to get their website ranking on the first page of Google. I don’t promote that I am an SEO guru, and can’t guarantee any first page results. I do, however try to offer some suggestions that are either free or cost very little. Here are some suggestions that I often give clients:

  1. Use Google web master tools to make sure your site is listed. To do this, there are instructions found here. It might take you a few minutes to do this, but I would highly recommend it.
  2. If you haven’t already done so, you can add your website to free listings such as and Search Engines love ‘back links’ which are ways for people to find your site. So, for example, if you had your business listed on Hot Frog and someone clicked through to your website from your contact details on the Hot Frog website, this is called a back link.
  3. Be sure to include your web address everywhere. This includes business cards, invoices, your ute, email signature, voice mail, etc. You want to encourage as many people to your website as possible.
  4. Join any associations/organisations that allow a listing.
  5. Use Facebook to promote your website. Make sure you give your Facebook fans a reason for going to your website.

Some was to increase your Facebook following might be:

  1. Offer a competition on your website that perhaps is only available to FB fans. Ie they might have to put a post on Facebook about their favourite product, and then one lucky fan will be selected for a prize.
  2. Regularly post on Facebook, keeping the content relevant and topical.
  3.  There are a few Facebook pages or groups out there that you can tap into. Look for pages relevant to your business.
  4. Add your Facebook link to your email signature, letter head, etc. Make sure people are aware that you have a Facebook page.
  5. Encourage your current fans to interact. So when you post a comment on Facebook, make sure you add a question. Better still, make your post so exciting that they will want to Share. That will mean that all of their followers will see your post too, and perhaps like your page!

One thing to note which you may or may not be aware, is that search engines refresh about 7-10 days. So even if you make some changes to your site, you may not notice any difference for a little while. Sometimes months. However, seeming your site is not ranking anywhere, you may need to look at some paid optimisation campaigns.

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