Do You Have A Mailing List?


No matter your business, a mailing list is a great way to keep in touch with your customers and clients. If you have a shop, you could include a sign up form on the register (we have all seen these I am sure). If you are an online business like my own, you should have an option to join.

You can create regular email campaigns and some programs such as Mailchimp will allow you to send newsletters to a select group of people. Let’s say you want to promote a sale to those that subsribed in the past week or you want to email about an upcoming event to those that live in a certain postcode. There are many possiblities, and the process is relatively straight forward. If you find you don’t have time or it seems too complicated, this is something that you can outsource. I have a few clients that email me content and I prepare and send a campaign on their behalf.

I attended a webinar this morning called Inside Business Success, and according to Natalie Giddings of Pollen Marketing, Email Marketing is still the highest return on investment per dollar spent. There is the ability to track those that view your campaign which is great research for what works.

Gone are the days of people working nine ’til five on Monday through Friday. There is no traditional working week, so there is not an optimum time to send your campaign. In fact people are often checking emails on their smart phones, so don’t hold off on sending your campaign!

Email campaigns are great for sharing information that you have. For example, you could add links to your blog, quick tutorials, or case studies. Give the reader something which will encourage them to share your news and hopefully grow your networks.

Ensure you also add links to your website. This helps with traffic to your site, and therefore moving your site up in search engine rankings. Be found more easily and increase your market.

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