New Project - NH Consulting

This website is pure demonstration of working in a virtual world. While I never had the pleasure of actually meeting Nerea at NH Consulting, we managed to communicate via phone and email throughout this project. There is a lot of content, but the site is broken up nicely with images which helps to soften the appearance.

This project also included the design of the logo.

NH Consulting

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Web Design Trends

New year, new you. Or new website at least?!

We have discovered what the trends in web design will be this year. You may have noticed that full screen is being used more often than the older ‘boxed’ format. These wide screen sites have the added bonus of being fully responsive, so automatically realign when viewed on smart phones and tablets. Wonderful!

There are also some trends on the use of photography on websites. And these can be broken into 4 groups:

1. Perspective

These types of photographs are putting you into the drivers seat, so you can view the site from your own perspective. With the popularity of GoPro’s everyone wants to be in the action.

Go-Pro images1 shutterstock_106892996-1000pxThere is also the common selfie – so common that Google predicts that there are 93 million selfies taken per DAY!

2. Colour Trends

photodune-714913-winter-scene-with-spectrum-light-bokeh-in-grass-l-900px photodune-5636213-couple-l old projector showing film iStock_000025412524XLargeMonochrome: paintings, drawings, design, or photographs in one color or shades of one colour. This is not necessarily meaning black and white photos, but choosing photos that are in the same colour spectrum. Some websites for purchasing stock images allow you to choose photos with a specific colour. This is great for ensuring the photos are going to match well with pre-existing branding such as logos.

These images fit well together, and would work nicely in a rotating slideshow.

3. Rectangle v Square

As we move towards wide screen sites, the trend is moving towards more rectangular images. Think of a business envelope size. Here are some examples of the old style versus the new style.




Mix & Match

A photo tells a thousand words, but they can sometimes be misinterpreted. Or some key points need to identified. Overlaying text on images is very powerful and becoming even more popular in 2015.

shutterstock_47808574-boxed istock_generic_192720-calendarOut of focus areas are often used for text areas, or it is great to use semi-transparent boxes to highlight text while not completely blocking out the image.

These trends are all focused on using great images. They can make a stock standard website truly ‘wonderful’.