Year in Review

Well, how time flies. Not much action on my blog, but certainly plenty of wonderful action. Here are out latest statistics:

Web Design & Development – 130+ sites
Graphic Design – 30+ logos
Social Media Management – 10 business pages
Award Submission – 1 which resulted in a Victorian Silver Award for RACV Tourism in Food Excellence

We love what we do. Most websites are built using WordPress which is a great platform that offers plenty of flexibility. When building a site, we add a ‘coming soon’ page so that all the excitement happens behind the scenes. The client is given the opportunity to comment along the way and then the site is launched TO THE WORLD!

Our personal service allows us to build a relationship with the client, which is especially important when someone is starting a new venture. On completion we offer custom written instructions for updating their WordPress site, and offer technical assistance where required.

Here are a few of our latest projects: – logo and website – website rebuild – website rebuild – website

Wordpress Adminstrator User Deleted

Q. I accidently deleted the admistrator user from my WordPress Dashboard and now no content is showing on my pages. What do I do now?

A. Okay, so the first thing to do is to see if you can log into your Dashboard using another administrator username and password (if you had one). If not, you will have to access your users through your Control Panel. Log into your Control Panel and head to your PHPMyadmin to find your database of users. You can create a new user here.

Then log into your dashboard using these details or another user that you already had. You now need to go to your Pages > All Pages and find your pages in the Trash. You can reactivate them back and then make sure they are ‘Published’ and not ‘Draft’.

You may also have to upload images again. If you have a backup, you can do this through FTP into the relevant uploads folder. If not, you will have to load them via Media, but then go through and update the links throughout the site.

In summary, please ensure you don’t delete the administrator from the site.