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Geelong can’t seem to take a trick lately , with Target now announcing over 200 staff will be losing their jobs. This is only a matter of a couple of weeks after Ford made a similar announcement while Shell and Alcoa are also indicating job losses. Things don’t look good for the people of Geelong. Not only are the people that lose their jobs affected, but there is a wider snowball effect too.

As a web developer who spends a lot of time with businesses in Geelong and surrounding areas, I find that the resilience of people is great. When one door closes, another door opens. There appears to have been an increase in businesses in Geelong, and often these are small start up businesses operated out of home. People are great at diversifying, and the old Australian attitude of ‘having a go’.

Keith Fagg, the Geelong Mayor, was on the ABC news last night saying that Geelong economy is diverse and that there is a strong medium to small business sector. He then goes on to say that SME in Geelong is very active and entrepreneurial. So true Keith.

Starting a business in Geelong, or anywhere for that matter, can be done on a small budget. A custom built website, for example, could cost you as low as under $1,000. A great start to promoting your business or services online. Of course there is social media that offers marketing for FREE – a great tool for tapping into your social networks and using word of mouth.

Being in business also allows you to grow. You may start with a small customer base from your home office, but as your business builds, you may look at opening a store or office in Geelong. Promoting your business with a professional looking logo and branding is very important. It is worth doing it right first up, even if your cash flow is initially slow. Shop around for quotes, as the price and quality for a logo can vary.

Once you have your website, logo, social media accounts and any print media, you are all set. There are some great resources offered, such as free webinars, by the City of Greater Geelong and other enterprises. Another option is to find a someone who is currently in business in Geelong to ask for some advice about operating a business – it just might be for you.

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