5 Great FREE Marketing Tools


I often get asked by clients about how they can appear further up the list in Google. Search Engine Optimisation, often referred to as SEO, is very competitive. There are paid options, such as SEM (Search Engine Marketing) which guarantee you top listing (e.g. Google Adwords) but these can become quite expensive. Here are some free options that you might like to consider.

1. Make Your Website Your Homepage

This means that everytime you open your Internet browser, it will be one more hit on your website. Most browsers allow you to open multiple tabs, so if you still like to have Google or Herald Sun or Ninemsn as your homepage, then add your own website as another tab. To do this, select Tools, Internet Options and then add your website to the list.

2. Update Your Website

Search engines such as Google like a website that is constantly changing. This is why it is good to have a blog, as you can update it regularly. If you have a static website and would like to include a blog, then contact me to set one up. This can be done in around three to four hours work including instructions on how to add posts. Blogs are relatively straight forward, and all of my clients receive detailed instructions for updating their blog.

3. Direct Everyone To Your Website

Traffic might not be a good thing when you are on the road, but it is what you want online! Send everyone to your website. Change your voicemail to indicate that details of your opening hours/services can be found on your website, or add your url under your signature for emails, or add your website to all letterheads/business cards, etc.

4. Add Your Site To Free Listings

There are many sites that enable you list your website for FREE! For example, Hot Frog is great for location based businesses as people search an area and then for the business type. They also provide regular reports to allow you to monitor traffic to your website via their listing. Another great site to list for free is True Local. The added bonus of True Local is that your clients and customers can rate your service. I have has my own business rated, so when people type in “Web Design, Ocean Grove” I appear towards the top with 5 stars!

5. Word Of Mouth

Research by Neilson (a peak information gathering body) says that people will be four times more likely to buy when referred by a friend. So, make sure you look after your customers and clients. Make sure you have a customer database to keep in touch. Deliver a great service, and you will benefit.

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