Guest Post - 4 Reasons Why Your Business Website Should Have A Blog


In a world of today, it is almost unimaginable not sharing parts of your business or your life with the internet. The old ‘you’re a nobody until somebody loves you’ turned into ‘you’re nobody unless you have a web page’. Regardless of how annoying it may be at times, this internet addition we’ve all got caught into has many of its perks – such as getting information really quickly, spreading the word about important matters, getting feedback from some great people you’d probably never get to meet otherwise, and so on. So to answer you question – a business should have a personalized blog for so many reasons. For starters, there’s marketing and promotion. Every blog should be considered an additional tool to your business, something like nice accessorize with your favorite outfit. Blogs tend to build a dynamic community which then interacts and exchanges reviews, solutions, ideas and information about a business and its reputation, services and products.

What else a blog can do:

1.) Reaching new customers

Despite popular belief that blogs are just for current users of your product, they can actually attract many new people in a blink. Obviously, both content and design of the blog must be interesting, catchy and smart. Word of mouth and power of share are definitely best advertising options, so once your blog gets out there, it is highly likely that it will reach new readers (and hopefully followers and customers) within minutes! If one of your current followers/customers shares his/hers experience on your blog and then shares it on his/her social network, the opportunity for it to reach many new people is created!

2.) Developing a ‘personality’ for your brand

The personal nature of blogging allows a business to create the idea of closeness to the reader. Plus, online conversations and interactions spurred up by a single topic are amazing for business! Through a blog you get to create the image and a tone of your business, a recognizable trait your customers will love. Also, with their feedback, you’ll know exactly what’s widely accepted by the audience and what not and you’ll work on it. People love it when they feel there is a human behind the blog, so they can relate their own experiences to what’s been written there. Take Sir Richard Branson of Virgin – he (well, probably not personally) is maintaining a blog for years where he shares some amazing advice about business generally, his experiences and the company itself. Just, before creating a blog – have a clear plan of the tone you want to set so you can keep consistency over time.

3.)  Organic traffic

Blogs are an amazing way to reach customers’ desires through offering them exactly what they need. When people are looking to buy or just read about a certain product, first they’ll do is type key words in the search engine. If you are running your blog smartly, you’ll know which words exactly to hash tag in your blog. Plus, once they’ve reached your blog, talks of your product being purchased are bound to spark up! Once a reader subscribes, he is about to become a regular customer and you can always keep him posted through newsletter about upcoming sales, new products that are about to be launched, and shops they can get them in!

4.) Gathering feedback, testimonials and reviews

We all treat our vision and our products like our children. And rarely will we accept anyone’s opinion if it doesn’t match ours. Afterall, we know how to run a business, don’t we? Well, maybe not so much. Don’t forget you wouldn’t be anywhere if it weren’t for your customers. So, their opinion and needs should be far ahead of your personal. Blog is a great way to see what it is that people actually need. You can gather this information through careful observation of their comments, through questions they ask and feedbacks they give. Positive feedback will obviously give you confidence as it will to your other potential customers, while negative feedback provides you with the chance to defend your product/services, respond to concerns,  and if needed to improve your business processes eventually. Keep in mind that you must not react strongly to negative criticism. The way you manage your readers will have a significant impact on the way you are perceived by your followers and online community.

Author bio

Damian Wolf has been an entrepreneur and a writer from 2009. He loves to write about business, especially on achieving online goals, small business marketing and general life topics. Currently, Damian is part of creative team at Cubic Promotions Pty Ltd Sydney and loves his work. When he’s not in business, Damian usually enjoys with family and friends.

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