3 Awesome DIY Infographic Platforms - Guest Post


In order to beat the competition today, you need to have an eye-catching infographic on your website – or at least on a blog post every now and then. You need something that will stand out and bring the customers in. If you are thinking you don’t have the creativity to design one yourself, check out these online tools that will guide you through the process.
They are listed in order of the best companies first, and no Photoshop or web software required, so you got this….


Visual.ly helps you to drive traffic to your website by creating infographics. To begin you will search the infographic library until you find something that is appealing. After that, you can customize it to fit your idea. Visual.ly will help you to choose a topic if you do not already have one. This company also checks to make sure you have the proper facts in your infographic. Once you have created your infographic, you can also have Visual.ly present it to its followers and customers. This is a great step to take in being noticed. This company offers plenty of tools and many extras, which is why I believe it is the best infographic company out there.


Piktochart allows its users to create infographics that are not only eye pleasing to potential customers, but they can also be SEO friendly and interactive. This company allows you the ability to add hyperlinks and tabs into your infographic. Piktochart offers over 100 themes that you can choose from, as well as a wide variety of colored fonts and backgrounds. Everything is hosting in the Cloud, so you don’t’ have to worry about saving all of your data on to your computer.


Infogr.am. This is another company that allows you the opportunity to create your own infographics using an illustrator that is cloud-based. In order to be an Infogr.am user, you do not need to have any type of programming skills. It keeps all of your creations in the Cloud. It also offers a drag-and-drop interface. Once you create an infographic, you can share it by embedding it into a page, sending others a link or you can also send just send the image. Additionally, Infogr.am also allows you to import data from Excel and .CSV files.

Author – Jeremy Page

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