Goal Setting And What It Can Mean

With the recent passing of Neil Armstrong, I found I was impacted more that I could have imagined. I do have a science background, but am not that passionate about space exploration. It is more about his inspiring story to take a chance even though there was much uncertainty with the first trip to the moon. There was only a 50% chance of them landing and returning safely, yet he still took the chance.

In business we are often faced with many challenges. Sometimes there are decisions that we have to make that we may mull over for some time. Neil Armstrong was chosen on the first mission to the moon as he had the great ability to make decisions under pressure. As business owners, this is something that we all have to deal with.

There have in fact been a total of 24 men to fly to the moon. It seems that once a goal is reached, that subsequent times the goal is not recognised. I think that it is good to look back at your first goals, and still take credit that they are being achieved. Even if there are now part of your everyday business.

In my business, my husband provides support in every way. He has a great business background, so can impart knowledge and help me make decisions. Buzz Aldrin was there supporting Neil Armstrong on that mission. According to different NASA accounts, he had originally been proposed as the first to step onto the Moon’s surface, but due to the physical positioning of the astronauts inside the compact lunar landing module, it was easier for the commander, Neil Armstrong, to be the first to exit the spacecraft. He is the understated part of this mission, but like my husband, was integral to the success of the mission.

Some may not be aware that there was actually a third person on Apollo 11. Michael Collins piloted the spaceship while Neil and Buzz bounced on the moon for more than two hours. Think of Michael as those other people in your life that keep your business going. People like your clients, customers and collegues; your employees and conctractors; your friends; and your family. Without them, you would not be capable of doing what you do. And like Michael Collins, they too should be recognised and rewarded for helping you reach your goals.

Here are some people that I would like to recognise in my business…